Quick Facts


To develop collaborative partnerships to improve the lives of children (who are risk due to poverty, with disabilities or special health care needs), their families and the community through strengthening educational programs, innovative evaluation and research, and extraordinary patient care.



Clinical services

Provide extraordinary interdisciplinary, family-centered services for persons with disabilities and special health care needs for young children.


Improve the educational, health and community practices that impact children and families who are at risk for adverse developmental outcomes through program evaluation, training, and community outreach in collaboration with community partners by strengthening programs and improving parent/child interactions and teacher/child interactions.  

Training and research activities

Serve as the premier source of information to scientists, care providers, education programs, clinicians, families and community leaders across the region, and nation.


Advocate at the local, state, federal and international level to promote best practices, policies and/or laws on behalf of individuals with disabilities and special health care needs and their families.


Barbara Jackson, Ph.D. - Director of Education and Child Development - 402-559-5765.