Project Learn

Project Learn - Learn about the Brain

Advances in neuroscience have begun to help uncover the important role that experience has in shaping the development of the brain. Resources offered here will begin to unravel the mysteries of the brain and its interplay with the developing child material.

An Instructional Presentation is available to download for trainers to use as an introductory presentation on the role of experience on the developing brain. This presentation provides information on the structure and function of the brain and information on the importance of early experiences on the developing brain. Presentation handouts provide detailed instructional material and training strategies that can be used as background information for the presenter. Make sure you scroll down to view both the slide and instructional material.

Related websites which may be of interest to parents about neuroscience and brain information with specific suggestions on what to look for at those sites.

A two part CD series provides participants a better understanding of brain structure, cellular architecture and neurotransmitters for $25.