Max J. Kurz, Ph.D.

Max J. Kurz, PhDPhysical Therapy
Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory
Munroe-Meyer Institute
985450 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5450

Phone: 402-559-9599

Professional Summary

Dr. Kurz is an associate professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at UNMC’s Munroe-Meyer Institute and Director of the Sensorimotor Learning Laboratory. Dr. Kurz’s clinical role involves performing the movement analysis of children and adults that are referred to the Institute for surgical and therapeutic decisions. Dr. Kurz has primary-authored numerous publications that have focused on the motor performance and rehabilitative outcomes of children with cerebral palsy and adults with multiple sclerosis. Many of these publications are innovative because they use a blend of biomechanics and brain imaging techniques (MEG, EEG, fNIRS) to quantify how the sensorimotor cortices reach a decision threshold, integrate sensory feedback and produce a motor action. Dr. Kurz’s current research efforts are funded by the National Institutes of Health (1R01HD086245-01). The Specific Aims for both of these projects are using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and biomechanics to quantify how children with cerebral palsy and typically developing children control their movements and learn new motor skills. Graduate students interested in working under the direction of Dr. Kurz at UNMC can earn a degree in Medical Sciences from UNMC or Neuroscience and Behavior from the Psychology Department at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.


Ph.D., Neuroscience and Behavior, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, 2006
M.S., Exercise Science, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha, NE, 1997
B.S., Biology, Doane College, Crete, NE, 1994

Courses Taught

PHYT 505 Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy I
MMI 903 Clinical Gait and Biomechanics
MMI 917 Human Movement Variability

Research Interests and Projects

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