Feeding Problems

MMI occupational and speech therapists frequently collaborate to provide NICU follow-up and out patient assessment and therapy for infants and young children with medical, developmental, motor and/or sensory issues impacting feeding and swallowing. Our training provides a good understanding of oral motor development and the postural, systemic and neuro-physiological factors that can influence a child’s ability to accept the volume and/or variety of food and liquid they need to thrive.

Our therapeutic priority is to provide caregivers with a clear understanding of the complex developmental motor and sensory issues that are contributing to their everyday frustrations around feeding, and to maintain a positive mealtime environment while improving oral feeding skills/acceptance. Feeding intervention strategies used by our occupational therapists are based largely on the work of Dr. Kay Toomey (SOS (Sequential-Oral Sensory) Feeding Solutions) and Marsha Dunn Klein (Mealtime Notions, LLC.).