Outpatient Program

MMI Pediatric Feeding Disorders department outpatient program

What Is the Outpatient Program?

Who will pay for services?  

Our admission specialist will help you figure out your benefits and whether your insurance will pay for the service. 

Who will work with my child during the appointment?  

Your child’s team will include a licensed psychologist or board certified behavior analyst and a trained feeding therapist.

What happens during the appointment?  

We will review the records we ask you to keep and the homework we assign to you. You will practice your child’s feeding protocol. We will make changes to the protocol to progress your child’s feeding behavior when appropriate and assign homework for the next week.

How will you get my child to eat?  

We individualize treatment, but generally:

  • encourage appropriate eating and drinking behavior;
  • discourage refusal behavior; and
  • make eating easy and fun.