Andrew Jordan Thayer, PhD, PLMHP, PLP

PsychologyAndrew Jordan Thayer, PhD, PLMHP, PLP
Munroe-Meyer Institute
985450 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5450


Professional Summary

Andrew Jordan Thayer enjoys listening to people’s stories and finding ways to support them in their pursuits of personal growth and achievement. This often involves working alongside parents to help guide the development of their young children, improving relationships between family member, guiding teens and adolescents who are struggling to find purpose and direction in life through reflective and experimental activities, and adult providers needing encouragement as they navigate the demands of their personal and professional lives. When one-on-one support is not enough, he investigates systemic and policy barriers and works to minimize them to create more freedom for people to flourish. He does this work as a pediatric psychology postdoctoral fellow with the Munroe Meyer Institute. He splits his time between clinical practice in both integrated school and pediatric clinic settings, program development and consultation with Mid-American Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, and policy advocacy with local and federal policy makers and decision-makers.

Just as he encourages those he works with to take risks, try new things, and experiment with life, he tries to do the same in his professional and personal life. As he progressed through graduate school, he found his interests expanding and explored various problems and solutions within the field of behavioral health. He is excited to see what his next discovery might be.

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