Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics

The MMI Psychology Department provides evidence-based treatment to children and families exhibiting a wide range of behavioral and emotional problems.

Common problems treated in our clinic include:

Families may also present with many unique stressors surrounding concerns regarding their child or adolescent’s behavior that include:

The clinic serves children and adolescents between birth and age 19.

The MMI Psychology Department model involves a thorough evidence-based assessment and treatment process. At the beginning of treatment, a careful assessment is conducted that involves a semi-structured clinical interview, relevant questionnaires, and observation of family interaction. Many of the Psychology Department Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinics are integrated within primary-care clinics throughout the community. The assessment and treatment process often involve consultation with relevant external systems, such as, the school or other primary-care providers (e.g., pediatrician, psychiatrists) and a review of previous mental health records. From the onset of treatment, clear goals are developed in collaboration with the family to improve not only the functioning of the child, but also the functioning of the child’s surrounding family and support system. Families typically attend therapy sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and treatment is aimed to be as brief and time-limited as possible relative to the presenting concerns.