Speech-Language Pathology services include evaluative and remedial activities for children and adults. Special emphasis is placed on preschool children with multiple disabilities, augmentative communication methods, language disorders, and oral-motor problems. In addition to communication, diagnostic and rehabilitation services are provided to children and adults with swallowing disorders.

Speech Services


Rite Care is sponsored by the Scottish Rite Masons of Nebraska as part of their national effort to provide speech pathology services to children with communication disorders. The program provides diagnostic and speech/language pathology services for preschool and early school aged children with motor speech disorders and language impairments who need extensive services to improve their communication.

Hattie B. Munroe Augmentative Communication Program

This program supports individuals who are unable to speak due to severe speech and language disorders through the use of alternative methods such as sign language, simple picture boards or sophisticated computerized equipment with voice output. Individuals of all ages can receive evaluations to assess their communication needs. Evaluation of numerous Augmentative Communication devices and access methods is available. The RiteCare preschool group provides augmentative communication options and strategies for children and their families as well.

Voice Disorders

Disorders of the voice such as a hoarse voice may occur along with diseases, neurological conditions or as the result of how a person uses their voice such as talking with too much tension or excessive yelling. A voice disorder can result in difficulty communicating and completing a job that involves talking. Children with voice disorders may not be able to be heard in the classroom. Assessment and voice therapy with the goal of changing the way that an individual produces their voice, can result in improved vocal quality. Prior to an evaluation, an examination of the vocal cords must be completed by a physician.

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Vocal problems diagnosed by a physician as vocal cord dysfunction displayed as dyspnea or chronic coughing related to discoordination of the movement of the vocal cords requires services designed to identify the behaviors consistent with vocal cord dysfunction and therapy to change these behaviors. This may occur along with respiratory disorders. Teenage athletes may display vocal cord dysfunction during intense physical activity. Services for vocal cord dysfunction usually consist of only a few sessions.

Swallowing Disorders

Individuals may develop problems with swallowing along with a variety of medical disorders. In order to evaluate these disorders, speech/language pathology staff work along with radiologists at the Nebraska Medical Center to view swallowing in motion and try therapeutic techniques during video fluoroscopy. Following an assessment of the swallowing disorder appropriate swallowing strategies or therapy for swallowing can be provided.

Interdisciplinary Assessment

When individuals have complex medical needs, they often require the assessment of a variety of professionals. MMI provides interdisciplinary assessments so that several assessments may be completed in a short period of time, allowing interaction between the professionals needed to make competent assessments and plans of care.  Speech/Language Pathology staff provide assessments within the Autism Clinic , Muscular Dystrophy Clinic and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Clinic.

Inpatient Speech/Language Pathology Services

Speech/Language Pathology staff provide inpatient services at the Nebraska Medical Center on referral from University of Nebraska Medical Center Physicians.