Other Events and Activities

Other events and activities

Here is a listing of events in the community that may be of interest to Munroe-Meyer Institute’s clients, families, faculty and staff. The Munroe-Meyer Institute may not be directly involved with these events, but we offer this list as a courtesy to our MMI family.

Share your MMI stories

The Munroe-Meyer Institute celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. In celebration we are compiling a book, "The Munroe-Meyer Institute: A Century of Caring," and we'd like to share your MMI story. We're looking for 100 stories about how MMI has impacted lives. Stories should be typed on a computer or handwritten, no longer than one page in length and should discuss your own experiences or the experience of your child or family member. (Those sharing stories about a family member must be that person's parent, if a minor, or legal guardian.) Those sharing stories are asked to print out, fill out and sign this release and send the story to Melonie Welsh, via email or postal mail: MMI, Room 2013C, 985450 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-5450 by July 31, 2019. Photos may be included, but please check both the interview and photo boxes on the release form. (A release is needed for each person in the photo.) Thank you for being part of this exciting project that tells the story of MMI.