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National Core Indicators

Nebraska Interactive Data Dashboard and Reports

This interactive dashboard allows individuals to explore findings from the National Core Indicators - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities surveys from across the state of Nebraska. Each dashboard permits individuals to explore in detail all questions answered by survey respondents.

The dashboard is provided as a courtesy of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services based on the National Core Indicator Survey results.  Surveys were conducted by the University Center of Excellence and Developmental Disabilities faculty and staff at the Munroe-Meyer Institute.

How to Navigate the Nebraska National Core Indicators Data Dashboards

Use this interactive dashboard by changing search metrics for the different data available.

  1. Choose a topic to explore at the top of the chart by selecting the tag.
    - Demographics
    - Health, Welfare, Rights
    - Individual Outcomes
    - System Performance
  1. Chose a Page from the drop-down selection of choices
  2. Choose a Survey Year from the drop-down selection of choices
  3. Choose one or more areas surveyed from the drop-down selection of choices
  4. Select the Generate PDF button - Coming Soon

National Core Indicators Reports

National Core Indicators Aging and Disabilities Survey


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