Lifespan Resources

stock photo: multi-generational photo of a hispanic family

Families that have children with disabilities often find that they need to identify services and supports for their child that are specific to their age. For example, school-age children with disabilities have specific rights within school programs and can often be eligible for other benefit programs such as Medicaid, Social Security and often services specific to their state and community. The needs of the family and child invariably change as the child becomes an adult, and the subsequent resources available also change. There is a wide array of programs and services available to help the young adult with disabilities acquire skills for activities of daily living, self-advocacy, entry into employment and independent living. This website is not able to provide all resources available to Individuals and families. However, it has been designed as a tool to help navigate through the resources that are available as across childhood to early adulthood. For more information, see the Along the Way resource guide.