Patient Billing

For patients utilizing our insurance preauthorization services, the estimated cost of genetic testing after insurance payment may be available and communicated prior to testing, depending on the insurance carrier and their preauthorization requirements.

In some cases, patients do not have insurance coverage or choose not to submit testing through their insurance carrier. In other cases, patients with Medicare find that genetic testing is not a covered benefit. For these situations, patients can pay out-of-pocket for the cost of testing up front (pre-pay) or after services have been performed (self-pay) and will receive customary pricing.

Contact our billing specialist for more details:  402-559-6176  |  email


Patients choosing to pre-pay in full at the time of specimen submission will receive customary pricing. Testing will begin once full payment is processed.


Patients who make self-pay arrangements prior to testing will receive customary pricing. This agreement must be in place prior to testing and insurance claims cannot be submitted once the specimen has been processed.

Required forms

Genetic testing performed by the Human Genetics Laboratory is billed through Nebraska Medicine. Questions about bills should be directed to Nebraska Medicine at 402-559-3140 or 888-662-8662.

Financial assistance: Patients who can demonstrate a personal financial hardship can apply for assistance by contacting Nebraska Medicine Patient Financial Services / Access Services at 402-559-3140.

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