Verifying insurance coverage requirements or obtaining preauthorization is recommended and often necessary PRIOR TO SPECIMEN COLLECTION. Some insurance carriers may allow a request for preauthorization to be submitted on the day of specimen collection for certain testing.

Request preauthorization

We offer courtesy preauthorization services because your time is important!

  1. In advance of collecting a specimen or ordering a test, complete and submit an insurance preauthorization request form, which gathers information required by insurance carriers to determine eligibility of coverage for testing. Provide as much information as possible.
    - Preauthorization can be requested on the test request form at the time of test order when sending a specimen; however, eligibility of coverage or costs cannot be guaranteed and specimen processing will proceed and charges will be generated unless otherwise requested.
  2. Include a legible copy of the front AND back of the patient’s insurance card AND relevant clinic notes.
  3. Submit to us by email at or fax at 402-559-8359 and let our client service experts take it from there.

What to expect after a request has been submitted

Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary to view/print forms. Download Adobe Reader