Hereditary Cancer

three generation family

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Our Hereditary Cancer Panels analyze a carefully selected library of genes for genetic variants which are known to predispose a person to particular types of cancer, or, in some cases, to noncancerous conditions. Identifying a causative (pathogenic) genetic variant in the genes included in each panel can provide medically actionable results, including treatment and/or risk reduction. Additionally, this information allows for targeted genetic screening of at-risk family members.

Benefits of the gene panel approach

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Each panel includes two components:

Genetic counseling services

In the increasingly complex field of genetic diagnostic testing, genetic counselors serve as a vital link between the laboratory and the clinician. As part of our comprehensive services, the Human Genetics Laboratory team includes licensed and board-certified genetic counselors to assist providers and their patients.  Our genetic counselors have current clinical experience as well as dedicated areas of expertise, ranging from prenatal and postnatal genetics to oncology.