Single Gene Testing

We perform single gene analysis and targeted variant analysis on any gene available on any of our indication-specific gene panels for both postnatal (constitutional) or hereditary cancer diagnoses.

Review A-Z genes and contact our laboratory for specifics.

Indications for single gene testing

Note, if genetic testing in a patient’s relative revealed a genetic change, the recommended test for family members is “targeted variant analysis”, and not “single gene testing”.  Please contact us for more information.

Benefits of the single gene testing approach

Single gene testing test details

Genetic counseling services

In the increasingly complex field of genetic diagnostic testing, genetic counselors serve as a vital link between the laboratory and the clinician. As part of our comprehensive services, the Human Genetics Laboratory team includes licensed and board-certified genetic counselors to assist providers and their patients.  Our genetic counselors have current clinical experience as well as dedicated areas of expertise, ranging from prenatal and postnatal genetics to oncology.