Ordering and Reporting

Genetic testing through our laboratory must be ordered by a health care provider. For many patients, pre- and post-test education with a genetic counselor or other qualified professional is helpful to better understand the genetic testing being performed and to discuss the implications of the test results for both themselves and, in some cases, for family members.

To navigate our laboratory's ordering and reporting process, proceed through the following steps.

  1. If needed, set up a new client account (even if your facility will not be billed, this is necessary for reporting).
  2. If the specimen will originate in a country other than the United States, review international testing procedures.
  3. View our test catalog; determine genetic test(s) to be ordered.
  4. If we are billing a patient's insurance, request or obtain insurance preauthorization.
  5. Complete appropriate forms to order testing (test request, and if desired - patient consent).
  6. Review specimen requirements for genetic test(s).
  7. Request a test kit, if needed; available upon request but never required.
  8. Review collection and shipping information; coordinate transport of specimen to our laboratory.
  9. Review our reporting process.
  10. If needed, cancel a test.