Community Information Sessions

Munroe-Meyer Institute offers several different informational sessions for individuals with a disability and their families that cover important topics including: caring for your loved one with a disability; access to disability services and organizations within our community; guardianship; Social Security disability; Medicaid and waivers; medical transition and transition supports in education; self-determination and advocacy; and sexual health.

Most of these sessions are offered at no cost to families with a child with a disability and we hope you'll take advantage of these opportunities to connect with experts at MMI and within the community to learn more.

Adult Series: Discussions on Aging and Developmental Disabilities

A quarterly presentation for families sponsored by MMI and Down Syndrome Alliance (DSA) of the Midlands featuring community partners and resources for families and professionals.

Community Autism Resource Education (CARE) Program

For parents, caregivers, or anyone who wants to learn more about autism spectrum disorder. This program will connect you with autism spectrum disorder experts at Munroe-Meyer institute.

DD Aging and ID/D Dementia-Capable Care

A 4-part webinar series will demonstrate a practical approach to creating physical environments to enhance dementia capable care.

Self-Determination Series

Learn about the meaning of self-awareness, self-determination and self-advocacy, as well as learning and practicing these valuable skills. Open to individuals ages 14-21 with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Transition Information Series

For families who would like to learn more about how their young adult (ages 12-21) with a disability can develop the skills to become a self-advocate, learn to make their own choices, and how families can support their self-determination.