Institute Research


Cutting-edge clinical research happens across all of MMI ensuring that our diagnostic approaches are the most accurate, our treatment methods and practices are the most effective, and our scientific research gives new insights into biomedical causes and future therapies.

Each team at MMI has a general theme for their research that is appropriate for their expertise. Together, they assure that MMI is a leader in advancing knowledge to benefit individuals with disabilities and complex health care needs.

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Our faculty members have a wide range of expertise, but all focus on the needs of individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Some of our faculty members are more clinically oriented and work directly with individuals and their families, and their research discovers the best methods of treatment. Other faculty members focus on improving diagnostic methods, whether in the laboratory or by examination or behavioral testing. Others are investigating neurological development, examining the genetic and environmental factors that can lead to developmental disorders. Our faculty members also train new practitioners and scientists to carry on this important work regionally and nationally.