Academic Issues
Learning difficulties in the classroom can be frustrating and discouraging. Whether its trouble with reading, writing, math or behavior-related, an interdisciplinary team of health professionals at MMI can help. Together, they work to maximize academic performance with the goals of comprehension and application. MMIs individualized evaluation services and assessments can help identify strengths and weak areas, as well as, what strategies will be most effective for each child. And family-centered care is a priority at MMI, so the family goals for children play a vital role in the development of a plan for progress. Once a plan shows success, children are monitored for progress. MMI doesn't stop there. Follow up visits and open communication keep the relationship ongoing. Continued support is provided to parents through strategies to implement at home or in school. While navigating the special education system may seem overwhelming, MMI professionals are there to guide parents along the way. The vast majority of children who receive treatment at MMI improve in some way, making them that much closer to unlocking their full potential.