Family Resources

Knowing who to talk to and where to go to access services for a loved one’s disability is extremely challenging for many families. That’s why families turn to UNMC’s Munroe-Meyer Institute.

Family Resources
Advocacy and referral services are provided by our consumer-family coordination staff. Our coordinators are trained as professionals in human services disciplines and are knowledgeable about state and national service systems for individuals with disabilities and their families. Our staff provide information to individuals with disabilities and family members based on their specific disability or special healthcare needs. Our goal is to insure that each individual receives the opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential, whatever the range of their disability.


Our consumer-family coordinators have extensive training and experience in the area of individual and family rights regarding disabilities and special health care needs across the lifespan. On occasion, coordinators are contacted when an individual’s rights have been violated. In these situations we:


Referrals to our consumer-family coordinators are made by MMI staff, other community professionals and the individuals and families themselves. Services include: