School Consultation Program

What Is the School Consultation Program?

The School Consultation Program on integrates on-site and virtual consultation to help improve school-based services for students with autism spectrum disorder and students with related developmental and intellectual disabilities. Our goal is to expand and enhance the availability of experts to teachers and students in school districts in Nebraska and Iowa.  Many students do not receive these services because there are few professionals that are appropriately trained, especially in remotely located school districts. We use video-conferencing technologies and in-classroom wireless cameras to allow our credentialed experts at the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders (CASD) to help teachers design and monitor behavior-management and skill-acquisition for the students they serve, regardless of their geographic location. By providing these services, we help:

Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders department school consultation program

What types of services are offered?  

We work directly with classroom teachers and paraprofessionals to:

  • determine the type of concerns they have for the student;
  • jointly select academic, social, communication, or a combination of these skills to improve as well as challenging behaviors to address; and
  • jointly determine strategies to use during the student’s educational programming to achieve the selected goals.

The student’s current skill level and the preferences of their teachers, in part, determine the particular types of skills we address.

Who does the school consultation program serve?  

The program provides services to school-aged children (ages 3-19) who display challenging behavior problems; skill deficits in academic, pre-academic, social, and adaptive living; or both.

What treatment approach is used?  

We understand that teachers are extremely busy. For this reason, we work hard to co-design and recommend student goals and teaching strategies that fit the teachers’ and schools’ resources, time and motivation.  Our goal is to help teachers be more effective with the students they serve and to help remove any barriers to learning that challenging behavior and skill deficits might present.