Need a speaker?

Available Presentations

Below is a list of topics that we can present for classroom, teacher or afterschool programming. We can also design something to meet the unique needs of your staff, students and school.

We require at least two-week’s notice to schedule a presentation at your school. Day-long events require more advanced notice and consultation. Email us for more details or to schedule a presentation.

In-service Topics

Classroom Instruction

Many topics are stand-alone can be presented as an all-day science event. We can also extract specific sections and adapt them for half-day or one period classroom presentations.

* Science take-out kits are available for the topics marked.

General Science Topics Healthy Living Presentations (all grades) DNA Day (6-12) Genetics (7-12) Neuroscience Day (6-12) Cell and Molecular Biology (6-12) Physiology Day (6-12) Cancer Biology Day (6-12) Forensics Day Environmental Science (7-12) Public Health (6-12)

After school and Community/Family Science Night Topics

Most of the topics above can be adapted for community/family science nights. Below are some of our most popular topics for these events. Contact us for more details.