Program Structure

The Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) is structured to meet the needs of students who want graduate degrees (Master’s and PhD) within UNMC who wish to focus on clinical, multi-disciplinary research and those doing clinically-relevant basic research that may not be provided by other graduate or professional degree programs.  Participating departments or research areas are called MSIA “sub-plans”. Each sub-plan has their own representative and committee members with each sub-plan representative serving on the MSIA Graduate Committee.

The Doctor of Philosphy (Ph.D.) may be earned under the following sub-plans:

The Master of Science (MS) degree with a thesis option may be earned under the following sub-plans:

The Master of Science (MS) degree with a non-thesis option may be earned under the following sub-plan:

In order to be admitted to one of the Translational Research Sub-plans: Clinically Relevant Basic Research (CRBR); Patient-Oriented Research (POR) with a thesis and non-thesis option; and Health Practice and Medical Education Research (HPMER); a graduate faculty mentor must be sought out and identified prior to program application.  The identified mentor will also serve as the advisory/supervisory committee chair once the applicant is admitted. Under the Translational Research sub-plans it is the applicant's responsibility to secure funding from internal and/or external sources.

The two MSIA department based sub-plans include MMI Applied Behavior Analysis (PhD only) and Oral Biology. These two sub-plans have specific program requirements and a limited number of graduate research assistantships which may be available to entering students.

The Clinical & Translational Research Mentored Scholars Program is specifically designed for UNMC faculty.  The intent of this program is to develop scientists and health professionals at the junior faculty stage into productive and independent clinical and translational researchers. The CTR MSP requires that a mentor be identified prior to application although the a mentor may be identified after application with the advise and approval of the CTR MSP Sub-plan Committee.