Administration Q & A
Q1. How do I become Graduate Faculty so I can serve as a student's program chair?  
A:  You may apply for Graduate Faculty status by completing the Nomination for Graduate Faculty form.  The process generally take 6-8 weeks to complete.
Q2. What is Seguidor and what is it used for?  

A:  Seguidor is an information system for UNMC graduate students, faculty and staff.  It serves as a central repository of information that is important to the student, their advisory/supervisory committee members, administrators and the Office of Graduate Studies.  It's important to review Seguidor instructions and how it should be utilized.  As an advisory/supervisory committee member or sub-plan chair you will receive emails prompting you to log into Seguidor to check "Pending Actions".  For example, advisory/supervisory committee approvals or committee meeting appointments.

Q3. Where can I find supervisory committee resources?  
A:  Visit the Office of Graduate Studies Faculty & Staff webpage for Supervisory Committee Resources.  Don't see what you need?  Contact the MSIA Academic Programs Coordinator.