The Medical Sciences Interdepartmental Area (MSIA) Graduate Program Committee is composed of two Co-Chairs, seven Sub-plan Representatives, and Sub-plan Committee Members. These serve as the program's governing and administrative body.  Members listed below represent MSIA on the UNMC Graduate Council.

Laura Bilek
Laura Bilek, PT, PhD

MSIA Co-Chair

David Shaw
David Shaw, PhD
MSIA Co-Chair
Oral Biology Sub-plan Representative

Nicole Rodriguez
Nicole Rodriguez, PhD

Applied Behavior Analysis
Sub-plan Representative

Lani Zimmerman
Lani Zimmerman, PhD, RN
Clinical & Translational Research Mentored Scholars
Sub-plan Representative

Carol Casey
Carol Casey, PhD
Clinically Relevant Basic Research
Sub-plan Representative

Sharon Medcalf
Sharon Medcalf, PhD
Health Practice and Medical Education Research
Sub-plan Representative

Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu
Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD
Patient-Oriented Research
Sub-plan Representative


Nora Sarvetnick, PhD
Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials Design
Sub-plan Representative