Application Review Committee

Review of applications for admission: 

The chair of the MSIA Graduate Committee will initiate the review of applicants that meet the general requirements for admission to the program. The MSIA Chair, in collaboration with the representative of the sub-plan identified in the application, will meet with the sub-plan's Admissions Advisory Committee. 

The Admissions Advisory Committee shall consist of the sub-plan representative and committee members that form the identified sub-plan.

The functions of the Admissions Advisory Committees are to:

  1. Review applicant based on the MSIA Holistic Admissions Review Process.
  2. Determine if a program can be developed for the applicant.
  3. Confirm that the selected mentor seems appropriate to the applicant’s objective.
  4. Obtain the "MSIA Funding Offer" from the applicant's mentor with approval from the appropriate supervisor (division chief, department chair or dean) to support the applicant’s research program (e.g., research expenses, awarding of a graduate assistantship, etc.)  This is not required for part-time applicants or those who are self funded.
  5. Develop a preliminary program of studies.  By completing a preliminary program of studies, the mentor and Admissions Advisory Committee can ensure that courses are available within the University of Nebraska system to meet the prospective student’s didactic educational needs.