Admission Requirements

The following requirements are specific to the MSIA program. Applications for admission to the MSIA program must be submitted on-line by the appropriate deadlines. General requirements governing admission to the Graduate College and on-line application information are found on the Office of Graduate Studies Admissions website.  In addition to Graduate College admission requirements the following must be satisfied: 

  1. The applicant must be a graduate of a college or university of recognized standing whose requirements for graduation are substantially the same as those of the corresponding college of the University of Nebraska. The student must have achieved a 3.00 GPA average on a 4.00 scale or its equivalent as an undergraduate.
  2. Each applicant must submit a brief narrative describing the reasons for applying to the MSIA program. The narrative should include a statement of career goals, area of research interest and an explanation as to how an interdisciplinary degree would aid in achieving these objectives.  For optimal review, the narrative should include the MSIA sub-plan area that the applicant wishes to apply and the mentor/advisor they have identified.
  3. Each applicant must have a mentor identified prior to application. A mentor should be selected that has the background and research expertise to meet the needs of the student’s research area. The mentor would need to agree to serve as the student’s advisory/supervisory committee chair and provide funding. The exceptions are Oral Biology and MMI Applied Behavior Analysis, they will assign a mentor if they offer you admission to their program. 
  4. Each applicant must submit three (3) letters of recommendation.
  5. Each applicant must submit a Resume or CV.
  6. Each applicant must submit official and unofficial transcripts. Unofficial transcripts are needed to review application while official transcripts are verified through an external agency.
  7. International Applicants: You are required to have all international transcripts verified before we can review your application. Please see Graduate Studies Requirements and how to obtain. It is imperative you start this process early as it can take months to complete.
  8. International Applicants: The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination for English proficiency is required of all students from foreign language countries. Applicants must meet the minimum test score of 550 (paper-based exam), 213 (computer-based exam) or 80 (Internet-based exam) established as a Graduate College requirement.  The institutional code is 6896.