Program Requirements Q & A
Q1. How do I know what courses to register for?  
A:  Upon admission, a preliminary Program of Studies should be completed at your initial meeting with your mentor.  This will help determine what courses should be taken for your area of study.  All sub-plans have set core course requirements that are generally completed early in the program.
Q2. What is Seguidor and what is it used for?  

A:  Seguidor is a student information system for UNMC Graduate Students.  It serves as a central repository of information that is important to the student, their advisory/supervisory committee members, MSIA administrators and the Office of Graduate Studies.  It's important to review Seguidor instructions and how it should be utilized. 

Q3. What is required of me to graduate?  
A:  As a graduate student you are responsible for tracking your degree requirements and meeting deadlines.  Degree requirements and timelines are set by the Office of Graduate Studies, your MSIA sub-plan, and your advisory/supervisory committee.  This means you must review the Graduate Studies Bulletin and Degree Requirements & Student Forms area of the Graduate Studies website. You should meet regularly with your advisory/supervisory committee and the MSIA Academic Programs Coordinator to ensure you've met the sub-plan core course requirements and are on track to graduate.