Xiaowei Li, PhD

Xiaowei Li, PhDAssistant Professor - Department of Neurological Sciences

Li Lab
985965 Nebraska Medical Center


Research Interests: 
The Li laboratory focuses on exploiting bioengineering strategies for tissue regeneration by combining the principles of biomaterial science, biological science, stem cell biology, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine with the advanced techniques in molecular and cell biology. Specifically, we aim to develop biomaterial approaches to induce a permissive microenvironment to improve efficiency of stem cell therapies for regeneration of injured/diseased tissues. We also apply biomaterial platforms to influence endogenous cell fates to promote functional tissue regeneration.

Current Projects:
AHA Career Development Award
Promoting Organization and Integration of Transplanted Stem Cells for Brain Tissue Regeneration after Stroke
Nebraska Stem Cell Research Project
Injectable Antioxidative Resilient Composite for Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment


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Complete List of Published Work in Google Scholar can be found here


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2010-2012: AHA Predoctoral Fellowship
2013-2015: Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund Postdoctoral Fellowship
2018-2021: AHA Career Development Award