Jennifer Merickel, Ph.D.

Instructor - Department of Neurological Sciences
Mind & Brain Health Labs

Linguistics and German; Medieval Studies Certificate, University of Iowa, BA (2008)
Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester, MA (2012)
Brain & Cognitive Sciences, University of Rochester, PhD (2015)

Modeling behavior changes in relationship to disease and aging, cognitive changes in disease, combining wearable and in-vehicle sensor technology to predict real-world risk.

Dr. Merickel is an Instructor in the Department of Neurological Sciences at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  She leads the Mind & Brain Health Labs with Dr. Matthew Rizzo.  Dr. Merickel received her PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences from the University of Rochester where her research focused on combining behavioral, eye-tracking, and MRI techniques to study speech recognition, learning, and visual attention.  Her research has spanned NIH and industry projects.  Dr. Merickel's current interests combine techniques from cognitive science and big data analysis to study real-world behavior and performance in patient and healthy populations.  She is particularly interested in developing models that combine information from wearable sensor technologies and in-laboratory measurements to predict real-world behavioral changes in typical aging and disease, like Parkinson's and diabetes.