Brian Westerhuis, MD

Brian Westerhuis, PhD Assistant Professor - Department of Neurological Sciences 
Neurohospitalist - Department of Neurological Sciences 

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How I fell in love with neurology: 
I've never really been able to pin down what drew me to neurology. Certainly it's an amazing system, which definitely sparked an interest to study it. But it runs deeper than that. Looking back, I've had a fair amount of contact with friends and family with neurological issues that included Parkinson's disease, stroke - one of my family members even had a rough course with West Nile encephalitis. One of my first jobs was in a nursing home, where I met and helped care for two women, both bedridden with multiple sclerosis. As I worked with them, they taught me volumes, but they also saw something in me that I certainly did not see - they told me I'd make a good doctor someday (something I had zero designs on at the time). But they kindled a flame, and the rest is history.

What draws me most is that when part of this "crown jewel" of a system fails, the results are often very intrusive, if not devastating, for the person and often their family. To be there to help if I can, and, when I can't, to just sit in the moment and help them and their family grapple with a new normal, is a blessing. These are amazing opportunities to learn about someone - their humanity, their spirit - and usually, in the process, learn about yourself. Those moments keep me coming back - I love our patients and families in neurology.