Clinical Observership Program

Virtual Observership in Neurology

We are excited to launch Virtual Observership in Neurology to provide a virtual experience of Observership in Neurology and create a community of learning among Residency Candidates. The course is responsive and adaptive and additional content would continuously be added throughout the year in response to your suggestions.

Nothing can truly replace an actual experience of Clinical Observership at UNMC in person, however, an effort is being made in this course to provide some familiarity with the experience and covering some of the essential parts of the experience such as facility tours and residents experience of rounding and learning. This is a non-CME course and is designed to be more of an experience. A non-CME certificate of attending the course can be offered once you have spent 20 hours within the course as tracked by CANVAS. The purpose of this enduring material is to make you comfortable with the clinical environment in Neurology such as the various components of the Neurology department in the US, facilities used, residents' life and responsibilities, introduction to some sub-specialties, and some introduction to UNMC and Omaha, Nebraska.

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Advanced Neurological Examination Course

Our observership is currently closed, however we have created a new opportunity to learn and familiarize yourself with workings of a clinical program in the United States. We have launched a short course on Advanced Neurological Examination that starts from the basic exam, and builds upon it by adding details from our resident workshops, components of the Movement Disorders exam, Neuro-opthalmology exam/brain death exam, and an exam of comotase patients.

There are short quizzes to take for self-assessment and also for earning CME credits. The course is approved for four hours of AMA category 1 CME credits. However, to make it easily accessible, you don’t have to pay the CME fee to access the course. After a $10 fee for IT costs, you can access all of the course content. If you decide not take the CME certificate, then you don’t pay anything more. If you are interested in getting the CME certificate, you will have access to the CME link and a CME fee will be charged. 

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As part of our mission to lead in Neurology education, the Department of Neurological Sciences invites medical students with a clear commitment to a career in Neurology to apply for a clinical observership of up to one calendar month.

This program is designed for students who have completed at least three years of medical school and are interested in gaining experience and increasing their knowledge of neurological practice in the United States.  Accepted participants will be able to observe patient care provided by attendings and housestaff, and will participate in discussions, patient-oriented conferences, and other didactic sessions.  Observers will not be involved in direct patient care.

Accepted participants are responsible for securing their own visa, transport, travel medical insurance, and housing. Program fees, ($1,000 for a one-month observership), are prepaid upon acceptance.

Please note that participation in the Clinical Observership Program does not guarantee an interview with the UNMC Neurology Residency Program.  Observers are welcome to submit applications to the residency program via ERAS.  All residency program applications are reviewed by the program director and key program faculty, and candidates are chosen using objective criteria based on their medical school performance, USMLE exam scores, and letters of recommendation, which may include a letter from the Observership Program.

If you are interested in applying for an observership, please complete a pre-screening application. If you are accepted and a month is agreed upon, you will then be asked to complete the following documents and email them to: