Application Procedure

The applicants are required to complete the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) to apply to our program and will need to supply forms which include demographic data, common documentation of accredited medical school and three letters of recommendation as well as performance on USMLE exams.

Once the ERAS applications are received, the Program Director, along with other faculty, reviews the applications and makes a selection of candidates invited for interviews according to their performance on USMLE scores, their medical school performance, and the three letters of recommendation. During the interview, the applicants meet, at a minimum, the Program Director and two or three other faculty members from UNMC or CUMC. Additionally, they will attend two conferences and meet with a few of the current residents.

The candidates are scored according to a standardized form and these rankings are reviewed and grouped in different categories by the Program Director. A meeting of the entire faculty, including the chief resident, is set up to review and discuss the applications. At the end of the meeting, a ranking list is generated of all the applicants who meet the standards set up by our residency program. The ranking list is finalized by the Program Director and submitted to the Match.