Letter from the Chiefs

On behalf of the neurology residents, welcome to the UNMC Neurology residency!

Here in Omaha, you will find a group of residents that have highly diverse educational and personal backgrounds. All of our residents have a deep passion for neurology, patient care, dedication to hard work, and a desire for learning. The program is continuously evolving and improving, and there is not a better time to join us in our department. 

Although our class sizes have has recently increased, and our faculty numbers are ever-expanding, we remain a close-knit operation where all residents know that they can approach their colleagues and faculty without hesitation. Our wonderful program coordinator (or “Mom” as she is affectionately called in the resident room) is always there for support, reminding us of upcoming deadlines, and does everything within her power to make resident life better.

The life of a neurology resident varies from year to year. As an intern (PGY-1), you will largely be rotating with our internal medicine colleagues but will also get the opportunity to spend three months with us on neurology rotations. This is unique amongst most neurology programs and is an opportunity to hit the ground running as a PGY-2. PGY-2s spend most of their year on the inpatient neurology wards (either on the General Neurology or Stroke team), but there is still time for electives. PGY-3s enjoy a less inpatient-heavy schedule with three months of Pediatric Neurology as well as more in-depth exposure to neurophysiology with EEGs and EMGs. PGY-3 year is also when you start supervising the inpatient services. PGY-4s serve as supervising resident on the inpatient service but they also have the most elective time as they prepare for the next step in their professional career, whether they pursue fellowship training or choose to embark on a practice in general neurology. Starting in the summer of 2020 we have completely done away with traditional 28-hour calls. We have instead added a weekend night float system to our already existing work weeknight float system.  

Education is a top priority at UNMC. The design of our program is that of an apprenticeship, and our faculty are composed of highly enthusiastic educators. In addition to weekly three hour didactic sessions, which includes grand rounds, we also offer monthly resident-led journal clubs and morning reports, along with quarterly M&M conferences. In 2020 we have also added weekly EEG, EMG/NCS and procedure training session over the noon hour on Fridays. All residents are also required to participate in a Quality Improvement project every year as well as present their research/case reports at an annual department symposium.

Health and well-being are considered not only important but imperative. In order to help facilitate this, we have made numerous recent improvements including: The addition of a new junior chief resident position focusing on wellness and quality improvement, done away with traditional 28 hour Saturday-Sunday call, and added a peer mentorship program. On a day-to-day level, you will spend time amongst your fellow residents in our dedicated workroom complete with ample computers, a large-screen TV used for academic (and non-academic) purposes, a couch, mini-fridge, and an ever-expanding coffee bar. Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, we are also planning on Monthly resident get togethers. Our private call room has a computer in addition to a department-sponsored foam mattress, MyPillow, flat screen TV and a fan.

Our residency program offers exposure to a wide range of neurological pathology and a robust potential for research opportunities and academic expansion in the future. Under the guidance of our dedicated faculty and hard-working residents, UNMC has shown time and time again that every graduating resident will feel well-rounded and prepared to independently practice in the field of neurology.

We are proud of our department, and cannot wait to meet and get to know you!

Praveen Hariharan, Chief Resident of Operations
Navya Joseph, Chief Resident of Academics
Matthew Purbaugh, Junior Chief Resident
Daniel Crespo, Junior Chief Resident