Life in Omaha

Omaha is a wonderful place to live as well as train in Neurology, and is considered one of the most family-friendly cities in the United States.  Living expenses are quite reasonable, and many residents easily find an affordable spacious apartment or are even able to rent or buy a home.  Ask our current residents for specific details on the many available apartment complexes near UNMC or about popular residential areas.  Traffic volume is very manageable, allowing usually a less than 20-minute commute from residential areas within a 10-15 mile radius.  Public transit is somewhat limited, however, and those new to the Omaha area are encouraged to plan transportation arrangements in advance and consider buying a personal vehicle if they do not have one.

UNMC is conveniently located near The Blackstone District, which is home to several craft breweries, trendy cocktail bars, and unique local dining experiences.  Other very popular entertaining neighborhoods such as Midtown Crossing, Dundee, and the Old Market in Downtown Omaha are also nearby and are frequented by residents and other affiliates of UNMC.  The Homy Inn is a favorite local dive bar of the neurology residents, just ask us when you come interview!

Why Omaha, Nebraska Might Be the Best Place to Eat in America Right Now