General Neurology

Welcome to the section of General Neurology. Our physicians are dedicated to providing evaluation and treatment of the entire spectrum of neurologic disease as well as symptoms of unclear etiology for which a neurologic cause may exist including but not limited to: Migraine and other headache disorders, neck pain, back pain, arm pain, leg pain, dizziness/vertigo, cognitive/memory disorders, muscle disease, peripheral neuropathies, epilepsy, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, stroke, brain tumors, gait disturbance and disorders of imbalance.

We work closely with our sub-specialist colleagues in the Department of Neurological Sciences, as well as our colleagues in Neurological Surgery and other departments across the enterprise. We promote team-care and may serve as the entry portal for neurological services at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.

We have access to cutting edge technologies and also the ability to refer patients to clinical research trials for which our patients may be eligible.

Because our practice is primarily dedicated to clinical care, we offer timely appointments Monday thru Friday. All of our neurologists are board certified and represent both academic medicine and private practice.

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