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Stroke is a worldwide leading cause of death and disability.  Advances in the treatment and prevention of stroke that have evolved over the past couple of decades, require complex and demanding organizational commitment to translate them into improved patient outcomes and care delivery.  Stroke and cerebrovascular disease also represent a major source of inspiration, education and training for future neurologists, other physicians and healthcare providers.  As one of the major assets of an academic Department of Neurological Sciences the Stroke and Vascular Neurology Program weaves education and research within all clinical activities and organizational structures described below.

The Stroke and Vascular Neurology Program at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and Nebraska Medicine, under the leadership of Dr. Pierre Fayad, spearheaded the organization, planning, and founding of the Nebraska Stroke Center in 2003. The Center encompasses an inpatient stroke Center at Nebraska Medicine, and an outpatient Center at the UNMC Physicians Outpatient Neurological Sciences Center.  This structure provides comprehensive capabilities to provide continuity in the delivery of care, education and research at the various phases of illness and disease. 

The Nebraska Stroke Center at Nebraska Medicine became the first nationally accredited Primary Stroke Center in Nebraska and surrounding region by “The Joint Commission” in 2005, with continued successful and uninterrupted re-accreditation since then.  Accomplishing continuously and consistently the maintenance of over 85% of outcome indicators for stroke outcomes over 12-months periods has been recognized yearly since 2008 with the American Heart Association Get-With-The-Guidelines “Gold-Plus” Award.  A “Stroke Code Team”, staffed by the neurology faculty and residents provides around the clock expert treatment.  In-patient multidisciplinary care team approach is led by the neurology faculty in close collaboration with physicians, nurses and care providers from Neurosurgery, Emergency Department, Neuroradiology, Intensive care and rehabilitation to provide an evidence-based approach to care.

The Stroke and Vascular Neurology outpatient Clinic, centered in the UNMC Physicians Neurological Sciences Outpatient Center, is the only specialized clinic, staffed by a Board-Certified Vascular Neurologist, dedicated exclusively for the outpatient management of patients with cerebrovascular disease in Nebraska and the surrounding region. With a particular emphasis on stroke and vascular disease in young adults, the clinic serves a large regional referral area. All patients discharged from TNMC with stroke are provided with continuity of care through the continued management and consultation in the clinic.

The Stroke and Vascular Neurology Program is an active contributor to nationally and internationally organized multicenter research studies on stoke treatment, diagnosis, management and prevention, that are funded by the National Institutes of Health or pharmaceutical and device industry.  Other local investigator-initiated studies are the result of collaboration with other investigators locally and funded through local and private grants.

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