University of Nebraska Medical Center

Developmental Core

The Developmental Core is committed to accelerating the growth of neuroAIDS investigators by:

  • Supporting innovative and collaborative research, particularly between basic and clinical investigators;
  • Conducting a robust, peer-reviewed pilot grant program; assisting in the mentoring and establishment of new/junior investigators;
  • Supporting the transition of established investigators to HIV, aging, and neuroAIDS work; and
  • Promoting formation of multidisciplinary teams involving both early-career and senior investigators in cutting-edge issues emerging in HIV, aging, and CNS research.

The Development Core takes an innovative approach - pairing junior investigators with experienced senior investigators to form mentor-mentee teams that:

  • Meet regularly
  • Participate in a workshop on career development, and
  • Present their work at the annual CHAIN retreat.

A pool of skilled volunteer mentors is critical. The Developmental Core leverages the ongoing mentoring programs at University of Nebraska Medical Center such as the Faculty Mentoring Program for mentees and mentors and the “Women’s Mentoring Program (WMP)” the mission of which is to promote and nurture the careers of early-stage women scientists. We will significantly expand our mentoring capacities to take advantage of all opportunities and sources of expertise.

While the CHAIN Developmental Core has a broad mission, its primary goal remains to support and entice investigators from other disciplines into the HIV/aging arena. Development Core funding applications undergo rigorous peer review and are prioritized on the basis of:

  • Scientific merit,
  • Translational relevance,
  • Emerging concepts that are high risk/high payoff, addressing key scientific problems like HIV and aging, HIV infection in women, and new biomedical approaches to prevention.

This core is supported not only from the NIMH Center grant but also funds from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Vice Chancellor for Research office.

Developmental Core Contacts

Professor, UNMC Department of Neurological Sciences
Senior Associate Dean of Research and Development, UNMC College of Medicine
Director, Center for Integrative and Translational Neuroscience
Co-Investigator, Co-Director, Great Plains IDeA-CTR

Dr. Howard Fox

Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Experimental Neuroscience


Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases