2018: Day 1-NeuroHIV – from bed to bench side Presentations

Day 1: NeuroHIV – from bed to bench side 

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Note: Some presentations contained unpublished data; therefore, several speakers have provided published manuscripts related to their talks.

Jeymohan Joseph, PhD, National Institute of Mental Health Priorities and Initiatives for NeuroHIV Research

Day 1 Panel Discussion

Joan Berman Joan Berman, PhD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine 
Mechanisms of HIV neuropathogenesis and potential therapeutics to reduce viral seeding of the CNS
Dana Gabuzda Dana H. Gabuzda, MD
Dana Farber Institute
HIV Persistence and Escape in the CNS
Robert Heaton Robert Heaton, PhD
HIV Neurobehavioral Research Center, University of California, San Diego
HAND in 2018: Status and Research Needs
Robert Paul Robert Paul, PhD, ABCN
Missouri Institute of Mental Health
Learning from machines: neuroHIV phenotyping and predictive modeling in the era of big data
Leah Rubin Leah Rubin, PhD, MPH
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Patterns and predictors of cognitive impairment among men and women living with HIV
Kim Scarsi, PharmD Kimberly K. Scarsi, PharmD
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Current treatment guidelines: relevance to CNS disease and CNS-related side effects
Susmita Sil Susmita Sil, PhD
University of Nebraska Medical Center 
Role of astrocytes in HIV associated co-morbidity of Alzheimer’s Disease
(short talk)
 Kelly Stauch, PhD Kelly Stauch, PhD
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Effects of CNS-penetrant ARVs on synaptic mitochondrial bioenergetics
(short talk)

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