Administrative Core

Administrative Core 

Anna Dunaevsky, PhD

Anna Dunaevsky, PhD, CoNDA Director  

Dr. Dunaevsky is a tenured professor and the Center Director for the CoNDA Center. She is also the Vice Chair of Basic and Translational Research at the Department of Neurological Sciences at UNMC. Her research examines the mechanisms that both refine neural circuitry in the developing normal and diseased mammalian CNS and that reemerge during learning in the adult CNS. Her research program utilizes multidisciplinary approaches to the study of synaptic and glial development and remodeling in health and disease, and includes anatomical, molecular biological, biochemical, imaging and electrophysiological methods. As the Center Director, she works closely with the other Core Directors, the Center Administrator and the Supervisory Committee to guide its development.

Raj Dave, PhD

Raj Dave, PhD, CoNDA Coordinator

Dr. Dave is an Instructor in the Department of Neurological Sciences. His research involves neuroHIV and substance abuse. He serves as the Center Coordinator and facilitates overall programming and policies CoNDA.

kendallpanasKendall Panas, Project Administrator

Ms. Panas provides administrative oversight for all aspects of the Center and works closely with the Center Director, Project Leaders, and the Supervisory Committee to ensure that the Center fulfills its goals.

Johna Belling

Johna Belling, Grants Administrator

Ms. Belling provides financial and regulatory oversight for CoNDA Center Grants. She ensures that CoNDA funded projects are in compliance with all regulatory requirements and that spending is aligned with the award.

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