Translational Imaging & Behavioral Assessment Core

Translational Imaging and Behavioral Assessment Core

The primary objective of the Translational Imaging and Behavioral Assessment (TIBA) Core within the Cognitive Neuroscience of Development and Aging (CoNDA) Center is to support the Center’s innovative translational and preclinical research using animal models for neurocognitive studies. The TIBA Core will be composed of a preclinical imaging center which bundles multiple small animal imaging modalities as well as animal behavior analysis. The innovative, state-of-the-art, small animal model imaging resources at the TIBA core allow researchers to generate multidimensional datasets capable of accelerating the translation of basic research to human trials. The Core provides researchers with the below resources.

Multiphoton Microscopy
The system is equipped with an Olympus FVMPE-RS Multi Photon Laser Scanning Microscope and a Spectra Physics Dual InSight X3 near infrared laser. Using separate detectors and emission filters ranging from 410-750 nm, the system offers researchers imaging of 1) real-time in vivo imaging of the brain, central or peripheral neurons, and/or drug delivery, 2) endogenous cellular fluorescence, 3) volumetric imaging of optically cleared samples, and 4) tracking of fluorescent, photo-converted/activated cellular reporters. With the unique combination of dual, multiphoton excitation and galvo or resonant scanner imaging options, the Multiphoton Microscope is configured for both high-resolution (~0.3 µm) 2D/3D deep tissue and high-speed (30-400 frames/s) imaging in living or fixed samples. An adjacent surgical suite is available to support imaging preparations. In addition to advanced preclinical imaging, comprehensive training and guidance in experimental design, imaging, and image analysis are provided by the sub-core director. Dr. Heather Jensen Smith. 

Multiphoton Room CoNDA

Small Animal MRI
The Small Animal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) core facility provides infrastructure for MRI-based small animal research. This includes noninvasive brain anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and functional assessments using small animals. The MRI Core operates two small bore high field (7 Tesla) MRI systems offering advanced MRI data acquisition and analysis technologies. The system is directed by Dr. Yutong Liu.

Small Animal MRI   Small Animal MRI 2

Small Animal PET Scanner
Dr. Bahvesh Kevadiya

Animal Behavior Assessment
Animal behavior assessment core provides expertise across multiple behavioral paradigms encompassing domains of addiction; aging; depression; anxiety; motivation, motor, sensorimotor, and fine motor behaviors; general exploratory and locomotor activity; nociception; social behavior; learning; memory; attention; circadian activity, and behavioral pharmacology techniques.

Animal Equipment    Animal Equipment