Kenneth M. Browne, MD, Award

The Kenneth M. Browne, MD Award is presented by the Department of Neurosurgery to the highest ranking medical student graduating from the College of Medicine graduate who will be entering into a neurological surgery training program. 

Established in 1995, the Browne Award creates an admirable model for medical students to pursue and will provide critical support to students embarking on seven additional years of training.

Kenneth M. Browne Award Recipients:

1995 Mark J. Puccioni
1996 William E. Thorell
1997 Daniel J. Tomes
1998 Debra L. Steele
1999 Keith R. Lodhia
2000 Daniel L. Surdell
2001 John D. Hain
2001 Matthew R. Johnson
2002 Terri L. Keber
2002 Maria deBrito McGee
2004 Guy A. Music
2004 Matthew L. Miller
2006 Bradley A. Hiser
2006 Meysam A. Kebriaei
2006 Troy A. Munson
2006 Eric M. Thompson
2008 Joseph T. Cheatle
2008 Brian T. Farrell
2009 Benjamin J. Bixenmann
2009 Thomas J. Wilson
2012 Linden E. Fornoff
2013 Kyle P. Schmidt
2014 Jeremy R. Hosein
2015 Landon D. Ehlers
2015 Paige A. Lundy
2017 Benjamin G. McGahan
2017 Joseph P. Menousek
2018 Frank M. Mezzacappa
2018 Lance M. Villeneuve
2019 Matthew J. Kercher
2019 Laura A. Zima
2020 Tyler S. Pistone
2021 Patrick J. Opperman
2023 Susan E. Greni
2023 Natasha E. Hongsermeier-Graves