Kearney Campus

UNMC College of Nursing Kearney HSEC Building

Welcome to excellence – and to open doors at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College (UNMC) of Nursing – Kearney Division. In advancement of knowledge, in service to health, in care for people, there is but one standard at the Kearney Division – constant, uncompromising excellence.

The UNMC College of Nursing is recognized for its commitment to quality education and learning environments which promote personal development, scholarship and the caring art and science of nursing. Unique among the five Divisions of the College of Nursing, the Kearney Division is located on the campus of the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK), where prospective undergraduate nursing students complete pre-requisites in a vibrant college environment. RN to BSN students, and graduate nursing students, Master’s, DNP, and PhD, also find a home in the Kearney Division. In August 2015, in partnership with UNK and the UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, the Kearney Division of the College of Nursing relocated to the  30,000 square foot Health Science Education Complex on campus. In this state of the art complex, nursing students will be part of an inter-professional learning community.

The Kearney Division of the UNMC College of Nursing, and the UNK campus, are located in Kearney Nebraska. Kearney is truly a distinctive city-town of about 30,000 residents. Nestled in south central Nebraska, between the metropolitan areas to the East, and the Great Plains and Sand Hills to the West, Kearney offers a safe, welcoming, hometown atmosphere. From museums and sporting events, UNK offerings and performing arts, migrating cranes and miles of walking trails, Kearney truly has something for everyone, and every student. Students say there’s something unforgettable about Kearney – a sense of belonging that makes it feel like home.

Come join us and see what we are all about!