Lincoln Campus

Lincoln Division building

High-tech facility; full college experience

The Lincoln Division of the UNMC College of Nursing is located in a cutting-edge facility that is shared with the University Health Center of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Located near 19th and Antelope Valley on the edge of UNL’s city campus, the College of Nursing’s portion of the building was designed to attract more nursing faculty and raise the level of nursing education and research. Interprofessional collaboration is available with the UNMC College of Dentistry located on UNL’s East Campus.

Our location allows for a four-year college experience while attending nursing school. Undergraduate students are able to be involved in UNL campus activities, Greek life, and take part in sport, art, and cultural events.

"The new facility expands the college's capacity for continued growth and excellence in learning and discovery," said Juliann Sebastian, PhD, dean of the UNMC College of Nursing. "This unique and wonderful building has world-class active learning spaces, immersive learning technology and expanded research space where students will learn to be outstanding nurses and leaders. The new space also increases capacity for future program expansion."

The 107,000-square-foot building opened in 2018 and cost $43.9 million, with the College of Nursing portion estimated at $19.8 million, which was covered by state funds and private contributions.

The Lincoln Division provides high and low fidelity simulations available for practicing skill. Both undergraduate and graduate nursing students utilize Learning Resource Center mannequins and space to practice nursing skills. High fidelity simulation consists of interaction with computerized mannequins in an environment that closely resembles reality.

Problem based scenarios, whether computer or paper based, static models or two dimensional displays, are examples of low fidelity simulation. Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) using standardized patients are also used for graduate students’ learning on the CON Lincoln campus. In addition, the CON-Lincoln undergraduate students provide flu immunizations and tuberculin skin tests for students, faculty, and staff in the Lincoln CON and College of Dentistry each fall term.

UNMC CON faculty leaders in nursing education who have earned both national and international recognition for their academic skills, research and nursing practice. Students are exposed to opportunities to participate in grant funded research in groundbreaking clinician research. Professional and experienced staff at Lincoln Division CON guide students smoothly through their path for higher education.

Progressive, world-class education offered in a vibrant community of Lincoln – we are the Lincoln Division of UNMC CON.