Kearney's LRC

Kearney’s Technology Learning Center

The Kearney Technology Learning Center includes skills and assessment lab area, task training room and four exam rooms, as well as distance education facilities. A simulation suite with three hospital rooms, adjoining controls rooms, nurse’s station, study area and debrief room is also part of the TLC. It serves faculty and student needs in supporting learning with various media and experiential learning activities.

The TLC provides equipment to check out for use in the nursing student's education. The skills and assessment lab includes five exam tables and five hospital beds, plus classroom tables and chairs with seating for 28 students.

Kearney CON students have access to wireless through TK-421. Students are able to print via a wireless student printer located on the west end of first floor.

All students are allowed access to the building and various rooms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using their student ID card.

The TLC also provides support for IP Video – Internet Protocol Video, a means to transmit video in real time to another location equipped to receive internet video stream in real time, allowing students in Kearney to take classes which originate on one of the other four College of Nursing campuses. Other web conferencing software programs are also in use.

The Kearney campus admits approximately 56 students each fall to the traditional program, for a total of 112 students in attendance at a time. Graduate nursing students also utilize the space.

Additional details of the Kearney location:

Number of square feet:

Skills/assessment lab – 1825 square feet
Simulation suite – 2446 square feet
Exam rooms - 201 square feet each
Task training room - 874 square feet
Debrief room - 388 square feet

Number of skills labs: Skills/assessment lab that has 5 beds and 5 exam tables. There are head wall units at each station, with otoscope/ophthalmoscope, blood pressure cuffs and air/suction units.
Number of simulation rooms: Simulation suite with three hospital beds which are used to portray a variety of health care scenarios in such settings as med/surg, ICU, labor and delivery, and pediatrics
Number of human patient simulators: SimMan Essential high fidelity
Sim Mom with baby birthing simulator
Sim Baby
Nurse Kelly mid fidelity
Nurse Anne mid fidelity
1 child and 1 baby VitalSim, mid fidelity
1 CathSim IV simulator

Student equipment:
Audiovisual library:

Nursing equipment (available on loan to the nursing student):

Mailing address:
UNMC College of Nursing - Kearney
2402 University Drive
Kearney, NE 68849-4510

Physical Location: Health Science Education Complex – UNK

Phone: (308) 865-8781

LRC hours of operation: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Diane Feldman, LRC Coordinator
Health Science Education Complex 200B