Lincoln's LRC

Lincoln’s Learning Resource Center

Welcome to the UNMC College of Nursing-Lincoln Learning Resource Center! We are located and 12th and “O” streets in Lincoln, Nebraska, just 2 blocks from the city campus of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. We are in the downtown area and are surrounded by restaurants, bookstores, and other local businesses which add to the flavor of our college.

In the learning center, we have faculty-led simulations encompassing all types of health care scenarios to help the students get the most out of every experience. In addition to the simulations and skills labs, the LRC labs are open to students for practice and refreshers whenever classes are not scheduled. We use interactive multi-media applications to enhance the students’ learning and retention.

Our resources include:

These are some of the many ways the LRC equipment and staff help CON-Lincoln students succeed in their programs. Nursing is a dynamic field with high demands and high expectations. The LRC is your first clinical stop on the road to nursing success!

The Lincoln campus has 152 undergraduate students, admitting 8 accelerated students each May and 72 traditional students each August. There are student mailboxes located in the LRC. Both undergraduate and graduate students utilize the LRC space in Lincoln. Only UNMC nursing students are allowed to use LRC.

Details of the Lincoln LRC:

Number of square feet available for student use: 5600 for clinical skills labs and simulations
Number of skills labs: 10-bed health assessment room, sectioned off to emulate a clinical environment
10-bed clinical skills lab which functions as an inpatient hospital unit
Simulation rooms:
  1. Med/Surg simulation room with high-fidelity manikin used for case studies and critical care scenarios
  2. Labor and delivery simulation room with manikin that will give birth to practice mother/baby care
  3. Pediatric room for case studies with an infant as well as a child sized manikin
Number of human patient simulators: 1 SimMan high-fidelity simulator
1 Noelle mid-fidelity simulator
11 VitalSim Nursing Kelly midfidelity simulator
1 VitalSim Nursing Anne mid-fidelity simulator
1 VitalSim Nursing Kid and 1 Nursing baby, as well as 1 Blue Baby mid-fidelity simulator
Number of computers in student lab: 35 stations in the computer lab with additional on-campus resources to check out of LRC

Lincoln has the following items available to nursing students for check-out:

Mailing address and physical location:
UNMC College of Nursing-Lincoln
Learning Resource Center
550 North 19th
Lincoln, NE 68503

Main LRC Phone Number: (402) 472-7378

General information: (402) 472-3657

LRC Hours of operation: 8:00-5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Computer lab/student lounge hours: Available 24 hours a day. Outside doors lock at 11 p.m. so to study after that, students must already be in the building.

Learning Resource Center Associate
(402) 472-7378