Omaha's LRC

Omaha’s Learning Resource Center

The UNMC College of Nursing Learning Resource Center in Omaha is a multi-function unit that encompasses space in two nursing buildings on the UNMC campus at 42nd and Dewey Street. With the addition of the Center for Nursing Science building, we now have 15 rooms available for student interactions, including a hospital lab, computer lab for students, clinical skills labs, and 6 high-tech simulation rooms. The Omaha simulation center is also used by other health care disciplines, as well as for tours and recruiting purposes.

In the Learning Resource Center, nursing students:

Approximately 80 undergraduate students are admitted into the traditional (two year) program every year, as well as 32 accelerated students (one year). There are thus approximately 192 undergraduate students in attendance during the school year. The Omaha campus also has graduate students in the master’s, PhD, and DNP programs who utilize the LRC.

Details of the Omaha LRC:

Number of square feet available for student use: computer lab: 1081
hospital and skills labs: 5021
simulation: 1957
Number of skills labs: 6-bed hospital lab with classroom
2 12-exam table health assessment rooms
2 clinical skills classrooms
Number of simulation rooms: All simulation rooms include a high-fidelity manikin
2 med/surg simulation rooms
1 community health simulation room
1 ICU simulation room
1 labor and delivery simulation room
1 pediatric simulation room
1 high-tech debriefing room
Number of human patient simulators: 4 adult high-fidelity simulators
1 adult birthing high-fidelity simulator
1 pediatric high-fidelity simulator
1 newborn high-fidelity simulator
6 adult VitalSim mid-fidelity simulator
1 child and 1 baby VitalSim mid-fidelity simulator
1 heart and lung simulator (Student Auscultation Manikin)
Number of computers in student lab: 28 computers in the College of Nursing building computer lab, with additional computers on the 3rd floor of the Center for Nursing Science building.
Wireless Internet access is available via the UNMC guest network

Equipment available to students:

Mailing address:
UNMC College of Nursing
Learning Resource Center
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330

Physical Location: 4111 Dewey Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska
Interactive Map of Omaha Campus

Phone: (402) 559-2476

LRC hours of operation: Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Computer lab hours: Available 24/7 with student ID access


Acting Director: Marge Kaiser, PhD, RN

Learning Resource Technology Coordinator: Jami Monico, MS, Ed

LRC Associate: Debbi Lee

Graduate Assistants