Why UNMC College of Nursing?

For both the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the College of Nursing, there is but one standard - constant, uncompromising excellence.

Long known for its academic reputation, the UNMC College of Nursing has made dramatic strides forward in facilities, faculty, curriculum, research programs, learning technologies, clinical practice initiatives and global educational partnerships.

Likewise, UNMC has become an international destination for top-flight educators, students, researchers, physicians, nurses and other health care professionals - as well as for patients seeking rare, highly advanced, life-saving medical services. The UNMC campus is 500 miles wide, serving communities across Nebraska and beyond with premier education, research and practice programs.

Students, faculty, staff, donors and research funders alike are drawn to the best. If you're among them, welcome to a world-class health science center – and to an extraordinary nursing program. For more information – or to arrange a tour – please contact student services.

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