Computer Requirements

Computer System Requirements

Internet Access

High speed internet access is recommended. Slower connections may not provide optimal course experience and performance.

Operating System

Apple: 10.15 (Catalina) New Apple computers come preloaded with 10.15 and Intel processor based Macs with older versions can be upgraded through the App Store.

Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 or higher. Current students can purchase discounted Microsoft products to comply.


Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus Office 365 ProPlus benefit enables faculty, staff and students to download Microsoft Office on 5 laptops/workstations and 5 mobile devices and use it for as long as they have their UNMC NetID.

Web Browser

Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox. Apple's default browser is Safari, although Firefox and Google Chrome should be downloaded and installed as an alternate browsers.  All are compatible with Outlook. Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with most web-based applications and should not be used.
See: Supported Browsers, Plugins & Operating Systems for Canvas

Computer Requirements for Canvas

Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser. Learn more about basic computer specifications, browser requirements, and tutorials.


USB-Removable Thumb Drive to back-up files and transfer between computers.

Web Conferencing

Courses using Zoom for online class meetings require the following:
  • To Broadcast Audio: Headset with microphone required.
  • To Broadcast Video: Built-in or external web camera (e.g. Microsoft Life Cam or Logitech Quickcam) camera


Course content may include file types that require special plug-in software. Download and install the latest version of the following free plug-ins: Real Player, Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash. Quicktime and Java are already installed on Macs and are kept up to date through the Software Update application. Be sure to install plug-ins AFTER installing additional browsers such as Firefox and Chrome so that the plug-ins function when you use those browsers to access content.