UNMC College of Nursing Creative Writing Project

Nurses tell stories. Over coffee on break we tell stories. After work over pancakes we tell stories. Stories make us laugh, build camaraderie, and help us cope. We should not be the only ones who hear our stories. The world needs to hear your story of nursing. That is what this award is about.

We are collecting stories and this year’s theme is
Nurse's Confront Boundaries That Separate Us.

The boundaries that separate people are difficult to cross. Different political views, races, genders or incomes promote stereotypes and hamper true relationships. Yet, Nurses cross these boundaries to provide effective care. When we do confront these boundaries we experience frustration, challenge, and even anger. If we overcome these difficulties, we become better nurses. We are looking for stories where students confronted a boundary and came out the other side a better nurse.

Realistically, we don’t always successfully overcome these boundaries and we are left wondering what went wrong. If you have not come out the other side but want to, we will consider that story as well.

Stories should be about 2 pages.

ATTENTION all nursing students!
ANNOUNCING: Third Annual University of Nebraska College of Nursing Creative Writing Awards .
SEEKING: Well-written stories that illustrate the nursing experience.
WHY? Six $2000 Awards, and a chance to tell the world about nursing